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About Sonali Castings

Sonali Castings Hyd Pvt. Ltd was established in the year 1977-78, is one of the leading manufacturer of Grey Iron and Ductile Iron Castings located in Automotive Park, Kallakal Village, Toopran Mandal, Medak Dist, Telangana State. India. The company has the recognition in the industry to its high quality castings for various industrial applications with an objective to meet customer requirements and satisfaction. Sonali Castings not only sets the industry standards for quality, also update the technology systems, the right qualifies and set experienced people in place to meet customers expectations for Quality, delivery and cost.

They produce the castings from 1Kg to 300 Kg/Pcs to national and international standards viz, ISO, BS, ASTM, DIN. catering to Automotive, Refrigeration, Hydraulics, Auto Electrical, Machine tools castings and General Engineering castings in unmachined/machined condition.

The Company has grown from 500 Tons/year in 1977-78 to 6000 Tons and expanding to produce 7500 Tons per year. The company exports Automotive Cast Components to USA since 1994 to the trailer Industry.

Sonali Castings has 50000 sq. ft built up area with two pairs of ARPA - 300 simultaneous jolts squeeze moulding machines, one pair of ARPA 450 simultaneous jolt squeeze moulding machines, can accommodate the moulding boxes from sizes 550 x 650 to 650 x 650 with 150 to 300 mm height.