Our Facility

Sonali Castings has 50000 sq. ft built up area with two pairs of ARPA - 300 simultaneous jolts squeeze moulding machines, one pair of ARPA 450 simultaneous jolt squeeze moulding machines, can accommodate the moulding boxes from sizes 550 x 650 to 650 x 650 with 150 to 300 mm height.

Sand Plant
The sand plant is fully mechanized with the automatic sand preparation which consists of Automatic knockout, belt conveyor, OBMS. Bucket elevator polygon sieve, batch Hopper, Screw Conveyor, Fluidized Bed return cand cooler, Storage Hopper of 150 ton capacity and intensive sand mixer. The Core shop has facilities to make oil sand cores and baking ovens, Cold Box core Shooter core shooter and all the necessary equipments to make quality cores.

The company has one pair of750 KW, 1000 Kgs / Hr batch type and one pair of 350 KW, 500 Kg/Hr batch type, medium frequency induction furnaces for melting operations. The metal quality is ensured with the modern Lab attached, like Spectro, with online instant CE analyzer, Image Analyser, digital temperature measuring instruments etc.

Pouring of Liquid Metal, Knock Out, Shot Blastin & Fettling
Pouring of moulds is carried out by monorail pouring with 250 Kg/100 Kg capacity ladles. Very small and thin walled castings are poured manually with hand shanks.
Castings are knocked out on shakers and passed through metal conveyor to the Shot Blasting area were the castings are cleaned with Steel Shots and then sent for fettling operations.
The fettling shop consists of 6 Nos. of 300 kg capacity rotary spinner hanger type shot blasting machines with 500 kgs and 250 kgs capacity. It has grinding, deburring machines and all necessary tools.